Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween and Wicked Weekend!

So happy halloween everyone, i hope you all have your pumpkins carved and your outfits picked out to celebrate! We have yet to carve our pumpkin and we have no outfits :( we are behind. Me and jonas have been so busy lately and it will be nice to have a weekend together! Jonas has been traveling alot lately for work and to go see his buddy, Gavin. And so after my run with Aubs to Old Time Pottery and Forever 21 to drool over clothes we cant buy tomorrow, me and Jonas are off to ATL to see my friends and see the broadway play, Wicked! I have been wanting to see it for forever and we are finally going to see it at the Fox theatre in ATL!

Stoney bones will be off to a kennel for the weekend...its his first time so he will probly be so mad at us when we get back, but we didnt want him to mess up Bird's new snazzy Atlanta apt! Hope everyone's weekend is wonderful and full of time outside in this incredible weather!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"My Friends..."

Things on the brain today...

So here are just a few things that i am thinking about today...some are exciting and some are sad...but i just thought i should update my blog and spread some news while i am bored at work! Hope you all are doing well and thinking of fun things!


So i get to go see Wicked with the cult(EmSparks,Bird, and Bondage)+ Jonas and Lesa Bondurant in like 2 weeks in Atlanta... i cant wait! I have been wanting to see this play for like 3 years!


So i know this is like 4 years late, but me and Jonas have become OBSESSED with this show. Bird and Katie got me hooked on it senior year of college and it became the reason i never got anything done senior year.:) It's a show that is way better to watch on DVD because i just cant satnd waiting on commercials and waiting a week to watch the next in the past 2 and Jonas have watched all first 3 seasons and instead of waiting til December for season 4 to come out...we watch it on our computer...yes we are those people...


This past weekend we had a wedding shower for Megan Leland, soon to be Megan Pritchard!!! We cant wait to go to Destin to get these two married and it was so good to see everyone and remember how thankful i am for them and how much i miss them!


This Thursday i get to babysit Jesse all day while Levi has his surgery!! Please pray for Levi and Brian and Rochelle this week as we eagerly wait for the news on Levi!


So these are just a few pictures of what is happening in Alamos, Senora, Mexico right now. This is the community where Brian and Rochelle are from and where their ministry is based, and this past weekend a hurricane on the coast of Baja hit Mexico and completely flooded the area. It is surrounded by mountains and happened so fast that there was little time for people to even get out. Please pray for the community and for the ones who are still not found. Love you all!

-God Bless-

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So i finally got some pictures that i can at least copy and paste from the album our photographer is making for us from our wedding. Here is a little preview for you!


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