Monday, February 20, 2012

18 Months

I can not believe i am writing an 18 month post. It is so weird how fast the time has flown since Avery's birthday but with all the changes that have come to us in the past 6 months it should not be any surprise. 

We LOVE this stage that Avery is in right now. I think i say that about every stage she goes through but each and every stage she goes through turns out to be so fun and "our favorite" at the time. We celebrated 18 months while at the beach with Joe and Deb a few weeks ago and enjoyed every minute of our 80 degree sunny weather by playing at the beach and at the pool. I wasnt sure how A would react to the sand but she loved it. Well, that is the first day she did. We spent our first day at the beach and she loved playing in it and was basically running into the ocean. Most of the other days were spent at the pool though cause Avery got sick of the sand, but nevertheless it was an awesome vacation spent relaxing.

Here are a few things that Avie has been doing lately that i wanted to be sure to write down so that i would not forget...
  • currently the first thing you do in the mornings is to immediately stand up and point to the ipod that is on your nightstand for me to turn on music. 
  • you point to everything and say "dat" for us to then tell you what you are pointing at.
  • you are really obsessed with the ABC's and like for us to run through the letters so that you can make the sounds that the letters make.
  • you try and grab Stoney's tail whenever you can and i am pretty sure he has caught onto this game because for no reason he stands there and wags it for you.
  • one of the funniest things you have started doing is when we read "Llama Llama Red Pajama" you start off sitting next to us, then as we get closer and closer to the page where he goes crazy yelling for his mama you scoot farther and farther away from us until you are off of the couch and basically standing across the room from us and then then as we pass that page you come back and crawl all over us until the end when llama goes to sleep.
  • I love when you look up at me while reading a book and smile
  • When you are sitting in your highchair eating and i am texting or looking down at my phone you lean over so that you are in my view and smile until i look up at you.
  • you babble NON STOP, we keep wondering when you will start actually turning that babble into real words and sentences but here lately i just keep reminding myself how cute it is and to not take it for granted.
  • you still love pulling up my shirt to look for baby brother and in turn have started pointing to your tummy and belly button.
  • your favorite food seems to be cheese, spaghetti, and grapes
  • you love your bed and all your blankets and animals that go to bed with you at night.
  • soft things are your favorite right now and you walk around the house during the day with a blanket over your head running into things and laughing.

This is one of the only family shots we got at the beach, sad i know....

Happy Monday!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Crazy February

It's only February 2nd and my head is already spinning from what all we have going on. Jonas left last Saturday to go to San Diego for 5 days due to a trade show for work, so needless to say me and Avie were pretty bored. Well i say bored, but really she was super snotty/needing lots of TLC and i was more so bored cause i didnt feel like we could go anywhere. But it did warm up for a few days so we did a lot of this...

and this...

Before Jonas left we tried to think of a fun indoor activity to do with her so we came up with this...

She didnt know what to do with it at first but then she LOVED it and all she wanted to do was make handprints and footprints. Once, daddy was gone we went back to this...

bored and alone...

No, we really made it out ok and had a fun weekend together but we weren't the only ones to miss Jonas...

Stoney is so different when Jonas is gone. He mopes around all day basically and doesnt pay any attention to me. That was fine with me though cause he desperately needs a bath and we are waiting on Jonas to do that fun chore. :)
Jonas got back last night from Cali and now im off to Birmingham tomorrow for a hair cut (pathetic, i know) and some time with Ash and the girls! Brooklyn is having a birthday party on Saturday too and we are going to try and help Ash get ready for that. I can't believe that B is going to be 2! 

Its crazy how fast time flies which is starting to scare me more and more because before i know it we are going to have a newborn again! Exciting and scary all at the same time. Anyways, back to Bham...this little nugget was 2 months yesterday...

I cant wait to get down there and squeeze them both!

After we get back from Bham we are going to head to Sanibel Island with Joe and Deb next Tuesday and i could not be more ready or excited!! This will be Avery's first beach trip and first airplane ride! It's times like this where i am super thankful for technology and for people like Steve Jobs who invented the ipad, because we will be banking on that for entertainment for little miss on the airplane. :)

I cant wait to be here and sitting in that chair 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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