Monday, January 24, 2011

Day at the Spa

A few weeks ago we found out that Ave's has eczema all over her body...

We were pretty sad to hear this news because my brother, Jonas' dad, and both of my nephews have suffered from this skin problem BIG TIME. It's worst in the cold months, but it seems pretty manageable as long as you do regular baths and skin treatment, ergo our title for today' post.

Bath time has become a lengthier process now that she has eczema. It feels like she is at the spa...

 She got an upgrade to this luxury duckie tub

{This ducky tub is AMAZING. It's fun for her cause its comfy to sit in and helps her sit up. Plus it quacks when you squeeze his beak! It also has a sensor on it to tell you if the water is too hot.}

Made a few friends with "other" babies that were at the spa.

Complimentary rubber ducky for entertainment

soaking in the tub, err spa hot tub

 complimentary masseuse
 {remember the skin treatment i referred to? She has to get coated in Aquaphor, cortizone cream, and any other lotion i may have laying around. And then she gets her clothes on on top of that greasy mess. YUCK}
 Wasn't a huge fan of her masseuse.

 "Do you come here often?"

 "I know i have seen you here before.."

  "I wish this paparazzi would get outta my face"

 "Tell me your name dangit!"

 "I wish my skin felt like yours Mr. Cordy."

 She even gets to play dress up at this spa

 And so do her friends...

 And free drinks all day...

Happy Monday everyone! Yay for no snow today!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The 45 Minute Intruder

I hate this guy/thing.

It's nap time right now and all that has been happening for the past 30-40 minutes is crying. You think naptime is going great and you are getting so much done around the house and then BAM. After 45 minutes of blissful quiet with a happy sleeping baby, you get slapped in the face by this guy. I don't know what causes it, but it's one of those things that makes you want to pull your hair out/eat your feelings/curse/drink. OR all of the above.

For those of your who don't know what i am talking about...congrats! But for those of you who do...any help here? I have tried everything, and i even chalked it up to the possibility of her getting teeth but i feel like i have been using that as an excuse for like weeks because there are still so signs of red gums or white nibbles anywhere. ugh.

I mean, seriously what the heck is this thing and why does it keep happening!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I tried so hard not to like this...

...but i just can't help it!

I don't know why i fought it so hard, because everytime a new single would come out i would secretly listen to it in my car and loved singing along, but when i would hear her live like at an awards show or something she was AWFUL. I thought "poor girl they must be dubbing over her." But alas, dubbing or no dubbing, i think she is adorable and i love her music.  This newest album that has come out is making my drive to work much more bearable...especially since my favorite morning DJ, Gerry House, is no longer on. So if you haven't checked her out, do so!!!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Official

Our house is officially for sale! Here is the website below with all the pictures and information if any of you know of someone who is looking to move!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowy 5 Months

Happy snow day Everyone!!! We have been getting so much snow this year and way earlier than we used to. I decided to take little bit out in the snow and get some pictures for 5 months!

If you havn't noticed Avery is gainging weight like CRAZY. She is making up for lost time since we were apparently starving her back in November.  Her 5th month was fun but pretty stressful with me going back to work, Christmas, and then getting organized to put our house up on the market. I feel like everyday she is different and learning new things.

Avery with Aunt Lisa

Avery in your 5th month you have...

  • tried green beans, carrots, and peas. You LOVE carrots
  • discovered Stoney. You always watched him walk around you but now you laugh at him and reach out for him.
  • been way more vocal
  • started squealing when daddy wakes you up in the morning
  • HATED tummy time
  • discovered your toes
  • discovered putting your toes in your mouth
  • put almost everything into your mouth
  • started to love books. You love watching us turn the pages and have started to look back at me while reading like, "Are you seeng all this?!"
  • you still absolutely love it when we sing. You can't get enough of it. I will be old news once you discover Ray Lamontagne.
  • you roll some but not a ton
  • you are trying so hard to sit up
  • begun the 4 hour schedule and are taking two 2 hour naps a day {mom loves this :)}
Stoney loves his life

I can't believe that in one month you will be 6 months old! Much less that your cousin Brooklyn will be 1 year! Hope yall are enjoying the snow and staying cozy!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh right. Resolutions

1. Run/Exercise more
            I found that since giving birth my hips and thighs are not quite what they used to be.

2. Stay Organized                                                                                                                                    
If i could keep my house even half way as organized and clean as it is right now for selling and listing it, i would be a happy lady all year long. Once we started fixing things, doing work to our backyard, and de-cluttering our house it didn't look half bad.  I thought "Hey i would buy this house." We did...3 years ago!!!

3. Read More                                                                                                                                            
I want to start waking up early in the mornings and reading my Bible, because i have realised if I don't wake up oober early and set apart time for it, it just doesn't get done. And so far i am 0-4 on waking up early this year. I also want to read some of our books we have on our bookshelf, after organizing them for the sale i realised i didn't even know we had half of them!

4. Lose some LB's                                                                                                                                    
So i know this one probably goes hand in hand with numero uno up there but i wanted a space for this picture. I saw it on someone's blog and had myself a giggle :)

 We had a wonderful 2010 with a lot of craziness, and 2011 is looking crazy too! We have 3 weddings we are in with a 4th in question, 4 or 5 trips planned, one Bonaroo ticket bought, and possibly a move in store!Happy 2011 everyone! Hope everyone is starting the year off beautifully!!


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