Monday, January 24, 2011

Day at the Spa

A few weeks ago we found out that Ave's has eczema all over her body...

We were pretty sad to hear this news because my brother, Jonas' dad, and both of my nephews have suffered from this skin problem BIG TIME. It's worst in the cold months, but it seems pretty manageable as long as you do regular baths and skin treatment, ergo our title for today' post.

Bath time has become a lengthier process now that she has eczema. It feels like she is at the spa...

 She got an upgrade to this luxury duckie tub

{This ducky tub is AMAZING. It's fun for her cause its comfy to sit in and helps her sit up. Plus it quacks when you squeeze his beak! It also has a sensor on it to tell you if the water is too hot.}

Made a few friends with "other" babies that were at the spa.

Complimentary rubber ducky for entertainment

soaking in the tub, err spa hot tub

 complimentary masseuse
 {remember the skin treatment i referred to? She has to get coated in Aquaphor, cortizone cream, and any other lotion i may have laying around. And then she gets her clothes on on top of that greasy mess. YUCK}
 Wasn't a huge fan of her masseuse.

 "Do you come here often?"

 "I know i have seen you here before.."

  "I wish this paparazzi would get outta my face"

 "Tell me your name dangit!"

 "I wish my skin felt like yours Mr. Cordy."

 She even gets to play dress up at this spa

 And so do her friends...

 And free drinks all day...

Happy Monday everyone! Yay for no snow today!


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. this is my favorite blog posting EVER! Timbo has this same spa. Speaking of spa days, Daddy and Uncle Cho should provide those for their ladies. Don't you think???

The Spann's said...

you are a nut! Avie is getting so big and getting more hair! please kiss her for us!!! hope her skin keeps getting better!

Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

I will come take care of her in her spa any night you need me too! I would love to give that squishy little girl her bath and bedtime bottle. Adorable!

Mary said...

I just laughed out lout at work! Love it! Was a precious little face!


Mary said...

Oops meant "what a precious little face" haha! Been a long day :)

Aubrey said...

i LOVE this post. it is one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!


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