Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dooms Day

So i woke up early this morning to clean up my house a bit and go to publix to get some cow's milk for Avery. That's right COW'S more formula for this little chickadee. We went to the doctor last week for her 1 year appointment and he told us the best way to take her off of bottles and onto sippy cups is cold turkey. Is there a patch for that? I wish...someone should totally invent that...maybe after these next couple of days me and Avery will patent a design for one of those because to get this little girl off bottles is going to be pretty rough. Probably more rough in the fact that we wont have our snuggle time like we have had for a whole year while taking a bottle. We have been using the sippy cup for months now and she has gradually gotten better but she would still totally prefer her bottle over the cup. So today is Doom's Day in a sense that it marks our first day to go 'cold turkey' and be done with bottles. Doc said she could go a few days without drinking milk and be fine and that she would eventually get hungry enough and figure it out. Here's to hoping...we'll keep everyone posted on this new change...

Poor girl...doesn't even know what's coming...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Levi's Surgery Week!!

So one of my favorite little boys is having a big week this week. On Thursday we ask for your prayers for Levi cause he is finally going to undergo surgery to have his trach reversed. We aren't exactly sure what the process will be like for him because there are multiple outcomes and surgery routes that the doctors could take. However, we are believing God for a miracle of healing in his airway. God created Levi, knew what his life was going to look like and partake of, and He is our ultimate healer so we are trusting God to do something beautiful and miraculous for Levi. Please pray for peace this week for Brian, Roch, and both of the boys as im sure this can be a confusing and anxious time for all of them. We will keep everyone updated on Levi and his progress and we appreciate your prayers!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bittersweet One Year

WE MADE IT!!! A whole year!

In order to properly do this post i am going to have to refer everyone back to one of Avery's very first pictures when she was brought into this crazy world.

Now lets look to today as a ONE year old..

I really am at a loss of words to say for this post. I seriously cant believe that it has been a full year since we had Avery. She has brought so much love, joy, and craziness to our lives and has made both of us realize just how much God loves us. Not only because we see the resemblance of his unconditional love for us in how we love Avery, but for Him to entrust us with the well being of one of His children is one of the most humbling experiences we have both ever had.

We started Avery's birthday off with a song

Then we had a big birthday breakfast that daddy woke up early to make for us...

and of course thanks to The Wood's she has been reunited with her favorite monkey lovie so he got to join in on the birthday breakfast too.

We have been playing all day with some of the toys that she got from her party on Saturday and tonight we are going to celebrate with dinner and ice cream.

 On Saturday we celebrated Avery's bday with a bunch of her favorite people. We had a big pool party over at FarFar and FarMor's to celebrate AP's big day. It was such a blast to have everyone we love come and celebrate Avery turning one. Thank you to all who came!! Here are some pictures from the day...

We did have a slight emergency with a food allergy after she dove into her smash cake, but it was nothing a little alot of benedryl couldnt take care of. 

Avery at ONE year you are loving life and continuously smiling. You have discovered clapping and you like to clap at yourself when you discover a new thing or just when you think about it. hah You continue to be obbsessed with Stoney and yall have started playing your on version of fetch together. He seems to be growing more fond of you every day. You still love music and have started dancing now when you hear it.

  • you are still wearing size 4 diapers
  • you can sign 'all done' and 'more'
  • you say mama and dada real well. You are trying to say all done when you are done eating but it isnt very consistent.
  • when we ask you what a monkey says you say 'oh oh ah ah' 
  • you are loving soft things right now (especially Jelly, your monkey lovie, and bobbo)
  • you love people and love to wave at anyone
  • you are wearing 12-18 month clothes
  • you love it when daddy gets home from work
  • you are an awesome eater. puffs are your favorite along with pickles
  • you have taken a few steps but kinda lack confidence and some balance to walk totally on your own
  • you still take 2 naps a day (hallelujah)
  • you are doing great in nurserys and have started playing well with other kids
  • you still crawl with your 'stanky leg' :)
  • you are talking ALOT
  • you are pretty obsessed with books, mainly bedtime books
  • we are trying to wean you off of bottles at the moment which makes us really sad because you LOVE them, but we are down to three a day and you are doing really well with a sippy cup
  • you have had two outbreaks with food allergies and we are still trying to pinpoint what it is...we think it could be eggs maybe?

Avery this first year has gone by crazy fast and we have enjoyed watching you grow month to month. Now on to toddler years!
Thanks to everyone who has helped us through this year with your thoughts, prayers, and advice! We could not have done it without yall!


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