Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Eggo is Prego

Yep, it's true. Instead of just two little bambinos calling for aunty Em, i am now going to have a 3rd little one yelling at me and pulling my hair!!!! My Sis is pregnant!!! She is at 12 weeks today and me and mom got to go to her 12 week appointment with her since poor Matt, or DAD, had to work. Ash came home in June and surprised all of us with the news by hanging a sign on the door of her pregnancy test. Ash and Matt were just trying and it was so funny because i had just gotten off the phone from Ash, deliberately tryin not to ask her if she was pregnant because she sounded so down in the dumps and i figured she wasnt. And then when i walked up to the door there was the sign!

This picture is from her 8 week appointment so the baby has grown since then. The baby is healthy and has a strong little heartbeat! It was so fun to be able to see the little peanut! Now we just have to wait another 10 weeks or so to find out if its a Phoebe or Phoebo! =) sorry i couldn't pass up quoting some friends. Our fam has been so blessed by Jess and Levi and now we have a third one to rejoice and thank God for. And im just glad i get to be the aunt and spoil the crap out of them and hand them back to mom and dad. :) Congrats to Ash!!!

A Little Jealous

So i wish me and Jonas could be this creative...maybe our kids will be. Enjoy :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Caney Fork and Happy Hollow

This past weekend we had absolutely nothing to do so we were thankful when our friends, Chad and Katelyn, invited us to go canoeing down the Caney Fork river! We put in by the Center Hill Dam (which was generating at the moment). So of course there was a really good current carrying us down the river. well at that rate we would have made it to our car in like 30 minutes. So we decided to stop and eat lunch on this grassy but yet still watery knoll i guess you would call it. So after we ate and the boys fished for awhile, and after we had lost track of time and our senses apparently we were sitting in our canoes ON TOP of the grassy knoll because the dam had quit generating water and there was no longer a current or much water. :) So we drug our canoes back into the water and began on our 4 hour canoe ride. We had Chad and Jonas fishing, going to the bathroom, asking us every 10 minutes if we wanted peanut butter and crackers, Chad with noises, cows, muskrats, squirrels, herrings, and of course fish. The last 45 minutes or hour of our ride the boys decided it was the girls turn to paddle so me and Katelyn(tank 1 and 2) pulled our boys to the Happy Hollow. We had a blast and were so thankful to get our 4 hour 1.5 mile canoe ride to the happy hollow over with. ;)


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