Thursday, June 30, 2011

June and Everything Inbetween

So here is a little recap of all that has been going on with us over th epast few has been super busy, therefore i have not been as faithful to blog...

Avery Pearl was dedicated at church this past Sunday. It was such a sweet day with family and friends there to support us and Avery.

And we celebrated Mister's (dad's) birthday on the 26th with all the kiddos together...

This is my all time FAVORITE picture of my dad...

He normally does a posed smile but  this one captures him perfectly.

And then we went to Birmingham to hang with Ash, Brookie, and Matt for a few days...



We had our first ponytail back at the beginning of June and ever since we figured out how to do this we have been doing it everyday...

We went swimming with Brookie


Avery did her favorite thing there is do to at the pool...sleep :)


And we had a fun day with little Lo from over at Camping at the Woods! This little boy is so stinkin cute and we loved spending the morning with him while his momma spent some much needed time in London and Paris... jealous doesnt even begin to describe it.  But thanks cherry for leaving so we could play with Lo! :)

Lo and Avery had their first chaperoned consisted mainly of avery chasing Lofton.

Lofton LOVES the water and is so good at sitting for hours and pouring the day away...

Then we head on over to Joe and Deb's for a father's day celebration...


and back to bham....sorry these pics are so rando
Avery is obsessed with dogs..especially Elle

We had a pillow fight...

Brooklyn is so into soft things right now...

whew....if you are still looking at this blog you must be bored out of your mind at work like me as i type this...

Hope everyone is having a happy Pre-4th of July week! Anyone doing anythign fun for the 4th? We are headed to St. Louis tonight to see Uncle Gav and aunt Marge and to have Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard serenade us at the fox theatre!



Tuesday, June 14, 2011

4 Years

4 years ago i made the BEST decision of my life and married this guy...

but yall probably know him a little better like this...

In 4 years we traveled all over, went to concerts, shaved J's head, bought our first house, got a crazy dog, witnessed some beloved family members going to heaven, and brought a sweet baby girl into the world together. I don't exactly know what life is like without this guy and i know i never want to find out.

Happy 4th Anniversary Love!

On to the next 100 years! :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

10 Months

So here we are in the double digits and im wracking my brain as to how we got here so fast. This little chickadee is growing up TOO fast. A lot of days i think "man i wish you could walk" or "i wish you could just talk and tell me what you need." In reality though on days like today when im reminiscing...i just dont want  her to grow up at all. I want her to stay this little and at this stage that she is in right now. I have loved every stage and this one right now has been by far the most fun.

Avery at 10 months you are...
  • still wearing size 3 diapers
  • you weigh around 22 or 23 lbs.
  • you are wearing 12 month clothing
  • your hair is getting really long, so long in fact that we had our first ponytail the other day
  • your eyes are the prettiest dark blue ive ever seen
  • you are babbling all the time, you can say ma ma and da da
  • you still love stoney but you care more about crawling up the stairs, which you do ALL the time
  • at the moment you love Adele's song, Rolling in the Deep...{one of my favorite things about you}
  • you still crawl with your 'stanky leg" :)
  • you are trying to walk when we hold your hands but you look more like Jack Sparrow cause you are still so wobbly
  • you eat anything and everything
  • you are still napping twice a day although i think you might be trying to cut out a nap somedays
  • you love the water
  • you have 4 teeth! and are working on two more at the moment
  • you are starting to be more always cuddle with daddy but you more so just like to laugh at me when i try to cuddle.
  • you are kinda obsessed with the 'Pick-a-Who" book and Grover's "Monster at the end of this book" book. I take the blame for the Grover book because i wanted you to be obsessed with it :)
Avery we love you to pieces and could not imagine our life without you. Thank you for always bringing me back down to earth with your smile.

Monday, June 6, 2011

To the next 13 years...

Ahhhhhhh, you hear that?

What's that? You don't hear anything? 


No more Cicadas!!! Those pesky little guys are outta here, thank the Lord. For the past 4-6 weeks i have felt like a prisoner, purposefully not going to the mailbox until late at night, not laying out at the pool much, waking up  EXTRA early to water flowers, and not going on walks outside because of these crazy bug-eyed things. Whelp, its over and this morning as i was reading i realized i didn't have that annoying loud buzz outside my windows. i could finally hear the birds chirping again. 

sayonara toasting to the next 13 years and summers without you guys.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Get Out of Jail Free Card

This little jail bird was extra wiggly and curious yesterday morning.

{a.k.a. poured hot coffee over my blackberry}
And we have been teething like crazy over the past few days.
{a.k.a. super cranky and snotty nose}

Poor Ave's has red gums, a runny nose, sometimes a fever, and is somewhat clingy right now. It's hard finding a balance these days of letting her cry and wanting to scoop her up every time she cries because her teeth hurt so bad. 

As frustrated and run down as i can get though with our phone mishap and  the crankiness i can't help but let this picture be her 'Get Out of Jail Free Card'. 

I love this drooly grin.

In other news, we had an awesome Memorial Day weekend with beautiful weather and fun with family and friends. We got to hang with some sweet faces we have missed from St. Louis and also celebrated some family birthdays at Joe and Deb's pool on Sunday.

Luke and Avery love each other. Luke is quasi obsessed with Avery which could be a good/bad thing for his momma who is expecting this November. :)

And Miss A got to taste birthday cake for the first time. To say she enjoyed it would be an understatement...

Hope everyone had wonderful Memorial Day weekend and are having a happy Wednesday!



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