Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shower Time!!!

So this post is WAY apologies. I still havent gotten my pictures from my dad yet so i was waiting to accumulate some of these through other people. So...thanks to BFanch, Aubs, and Cherry here are some pictures of the amazing shower that my friends threw for me and Avery last weekend!

Diaper Cake from Becky Bird

Cutest book ever from Fanch!

Nam bits, of course

not gunna lie...wish i had one of these right now :)

Aubrey painted  a sign just for Avie

Snuggle Sack from Auntie Ash!

Awesome Diaper bag that my hostesses gave to me. This thing really is amazing.

some of my favorite people

hostess gifts!

Some of my sweet hostesses

sweet notes to avery from everyone who came.

My hostesses were, Aubrey, Cherry, Katelyn, Carlene, Bird, Katie, Em, and Dana! The shower was at Aubs beautiful house and they did such an amazing job on everything!! I was overwhelmed with the love shown to me and Avery by all my sweet friends. Especially the ones who drove up from Birimingham and Jackson!!! love you girls!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In 3 years time

You know, its crazy how you go from this...

to this...

in just 3 years time.

Jonas, you are my best friend, my love, my heart, my laughter, and i can't wait to bring avery into this world with you. Thank you for a fun and adventurous 3 years!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Love for Avery

Yesterday was our first baby shower and it was AWESOME! I seriously could not have asked for a sweeter gift from these sweet ladies who threw me and Avery a shower. We were so blessed yesterday by everyone who came and we are so thankful to everyone who showered us with love! It was so fun to catch up with so many people i hadn't seen in a while, and eat some yummy shower food of course. My sister, Ashley, planned it and had the help of all these sweet ladies!

Kathy Liner, D'Arcy, Dana, Ash, Roch, and Debbie Buchanan all helped out!

Ash did an incredible job, especially since she planned it from another city! There was this beautiful diaper cake that she made for us with tons of diapers, spoons, receiving blankets, passies, and bup clothes.

She printed out pictures of me that Jonas took on our beach trip...

She had the sweet idea of having everyone who came write a sweet note to Avery and put them together in a book for us to have to read to her one day!

The food was incredible and so so good. She brought my favorite peti-fores from Savages in Birmingham! How cute are these? I wish i had another one right now, but i did have like 3 yesterday :)

Rochelle made a baby carriage our of a melon! She is so stinkin crafty

beautiful flowers put together by Ash!

Sorry, the rest of this is picture overload! My dad came and took pictures for me so of course we have lots! Thanks again to my amazing sister who raced around cool springs so many countless times on Friday and Saturda to make Sunday beautiful! It was so fun!!

And yes i am this big!

Aubs came too!!

Family shot

Ashley made this hate for Avery! She makes these in no time in case anyone needs one! :)

This is the quilt that goes with Avery's bedding. Uncle Jan and Aunt Lisa gave this to us!

Tia Rochelle made this awesome scripture picture for Avery's room.  It matches perfectly and has the fruits of the spirit written in front of her name.

So im pretty sure this is where I was trying to recite my favorite scripture that Debbie had scripted on a blanekt for Avery and i couldn't even remember it! awesome...

Last but not least, mom and dad got us a Bob stroller!!! UT orange of course...its amazing! Probably the coolest jogger stroller out there for those moms-to-be who may be reading :) Its the lightest thing you will ever push in your life and the car seat snaps on!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shout Out

This is a HUGE thank you and shout out to our sweet friend, Katie Mosley. She is an incredible photgrapher and it has been so fun to watch her get better and better every year and see her business do so well! I have always loved looking at her work on her website but i have never been able to use her for anything until now! She took us out last weekend to Nolensville for some maternity shots and i LOVE what she did. She has the best eye for pictures and she basically dressed us too because we had no idea what to wear. So is a sneak peek at some of the pictures that she took of us! We love her and the pictures! Check out her website here... (


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