Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sleepless in Seattle

A  few weeks ago, Jonas and I got to have an "adult" trip. We missed Avery ALOT but i will say it was glorious. :) Jonas was out west on business so i went out to meet him in Seattle and we did so much. We had always wanted to go there {me, for my crazy Grey's Anatomy obsession; him, for his crazy Pearl Jam obsession} So needless to say we were pretty happy. The city is beautiful and clean like Chicago/San Francisco, with mountains all around it

This was the view from our hotel room, which by the way was really nice and being on the 38th floor you get a view like the pic below, however i wasn't just being cute with the title of today's post...we didn't get great sleep cause our bed was super soft and squishy and we basically just rolled to the middle and sank every was less than awesome.

Granted, it was foggy and rainy alot so we didnt see much of the mountains, but we did have a sunny day that we drove outside of the city and hiked in the mountains and saw a beautiful view of a gorge.

And we had a fun day in the city just driving around seeing some of the famous sights like the space needle, the Pike Place Market, the original Starbucks,Cafe Vivace, Easy Street Records, and the Music Project Museum. 

These flowers were at the Pike Place Market which is known for the flying fish and its incredible Farmer's Market, and these bouquets were unreal how pretty they were and they were only $5!! I felt like i was in a different country or something because at home they would have easily been like $30. You constantly saw men carrying these bouquets around. 

This is the original starbucks, we went inside but were already caffeined out so we didnt buy anything. Figured a $5 frappacino tastes the same at home as it does in Seattle.

Seattle was definitely a fun city, but i think ill take my 75* fall TN weather over 50's and rain any day. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Well hello, October

Can it really be October?

Ok, so truth be told, the reason i have not been blogging is because we have this lady from corporate who has come in to help us at work for awhile and she sits by my side like all day.  Annnnnnd since my work days=blogging days, i have no longer had time to update everyone on our life with someone looking over my shoulder all day.

So anyways, this is what we have been up to lately...

We are climbing all over the place

getting to know new friends...

Avery started everywhere. All she wants to do is walk around, chase Stoney, and explore every place we go.

she LOVES music and wants it playing constantly

we walk down to the park with daddy and stoney in the afternoons

and we watch alot of football...

ok this really isnt her saying "touchdown", but come could work :)

Hope everyone is having a happy fall! Jonas and I are off to Seattle this weekend for a long weekend together with no avie...we 'll miss her but we are really excited to see a new city and have a weekend to ourselves of sleeping in, hiking, and exploring!



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