Monday, August 23, 2010

We made it 2 weeks!

Whew, i'm back! Never thought i would get back into this blogger thing with how the past two weeks have been going for us, but i told you i wouldn't let you down so here goes!

The past two weeks have been some of the most exciting and hardest times of our lives. Me and Jonas have learned more about our love for each other, God's love for us, and how to love a new addition to the family than we have in the past 15 years of knowing each other. We have had some hard nights that were all-nighters, some awesome nights where we slept 6 consecutive hours, have been peed and pooped on, spit up on, and cried together in the middle of Averys nursery at 4 am wondering what in the world to do next. Bringing a newborn into your life is seriously one of the most intense things a person will ever go through. You begin to realise just how selfish you are and how much God is going to teach you about yourself and your personality.

Last Sunday me and Jonas left and went to Cracker Barrel after a pretty good night with Avery, and despite the good night i was still pretty weepy and teary eyed not just because my hormones are crazy right now but also because i was realising many new things about myself. On our way to eat we saw a rainbow and it reminded me of God's promise to us. Not just his promise after the flood but his convenents and promises He made to us of His neverending love. He will never leave us or forsake us and He loves us unconditionally. Right then and there i realised that it was going to be ok. God loved me and He blessed me and trusts me with a little newborn to love unconditionally. It's weird because even after pulling all nighters you still love the little bundle, and it reminds me that no matter what we do, God ALWAYS loves us.

And don't think we have been doing the past two weeks alone either...Thanks to our amazing parents and friends we have had meals, errands run for us,and chores done for us everyday since we had Avery. We could not have made it through the past couple of weeks if it weren't for everyones prayers and thoughtful advice and phone calls.

Since we brought Avery home, we have realised that everyday truly does get better and better and we have learned so much about her already. She has changed so much too! She has the funniest facial expressions, noises that she makes, and smiles when she passes gas. :) Here are a few recent pictures of her since we brought her home! Thank you to everyone who has supported us beyond belief and encouraged us! We love you more than you will ever know!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

39 weeks and 105 degrees

Here we are at 39, tired, huge, hot, hungry, and did i say hot? This week in TN it has been in the 100's every day and what does that mean? No progress with baby Avery and an AC unit that struggles. We have faced the fact that the unit for our home is just not big enough and yes we knew this when we bought our house and yes we were young and dumb enough to go for it even though we knew it was too small. How bad could it be? Man are we eating our words this week. Now i know everyone right now has been struggling with AC units but when we got home yesterday afternoon our house was 82 degrees and we had it set on 71!!

I was miserable. I was cooking dinner which i had been excited about because i was trying to make a casserole that Jonas' mom makes and i had bought enough to freeze us a big casserole dish of it to have easy to eat when Avery gets here. When we sat down to dinner...dripping sweat and tired...the casserole was GROSS. I dont know what i did because when Debbies makes it, it's awesome but last night it was pretty gross...Jonas being the sweetie that he is scarfed it down and acted like it was great and all i could do was sit there...and the longer i sat there the more mad i got at the casserole and the hotter i became. Jonas looked up from his plate and i was just sitting there balling, i put my head on the table and couldnt quit crying about the stupid casserole and how hot i was. Now who agrees that Avery needs to come on out and grace us with her presence???
i know Jonas does...

So, Jonas left to go to Costco to get us more fans and then our favorite people show up with a party...the Fuson's!!! They were so sweet to sit in our house that felt like the 7th circle of hell and hang with us. Needless to say we needed them last night and the fun that they brought with them. And let's just say it was a party...well a Jonas and Chad party/ Emily eats 2 ice cream cones kinda party


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