Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dooms Day

So i woke up early this morning to clean up my house a bit and go to publix to get some cow's milk for Avery. That's right COW'S more formula for this little chickadee. We went to the doctor last week for her 1 year appointment and he told us the best way to take her off of bottles and onto sippy cups is cold turkey. Is there a patch for that? I wish...someone should totally invent that...maybe after these next couple of days me and Avery will patent a design for one of those because to get this little girl off bottles is going to be pretty rough. Probably more rough in the fact that we wont have our snuggle time like we have had for a whole year while taking a bottle. We have been using the sippy cup for months now and she has gradually gotten better but she would still totally prefer her bottle over the cup. So today is Doom's Day in a sense that it marks our first day to go 'cold turkey' and be done with bottles. Doc said she could go a few days without drinking milk and be fine and that she would eventually get hungry enough and figure it out. Here's to hoping...we'll keep everyone posted on this new change...

Poor girl...doesn't even know what's coming...

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