Monday, August 25, 2008 i come!

So i have been putting off getting a blog, and everytime i think about/look at my friends blogs i am so jealous of how good you all can write and how eloquent yall are with your words and so i always start to create my own and then i dont. But now with so many of my friends moving and doing new things i want to be able to have one of these things to stay in touch. Even though we do have the infamous facebook i would like to have something new to keep everyone updated on life and what all is going down with the Fridrichsens. I mean my life is so full of interesting things (work, eat, sleep, repeat). :) So bear with me on the sad excuse for writing and tune in to the upcoming news because i am sure it will be entertaining. If not my stories my attempt to write will be!


Bird said...

Yay for blogging!! i cant wait to laugh along as i read what you have to say!! i promise to update mine in return!

Katie said...

congrats!!! welcome!! you better update a bunch! can't wait to read al the time!

The Downs family said...

YEAH!!! Now if just your sister would start one. Can't wait to see the lastest!

Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

yay for blogging!! we just started one too--and i said the same thing "prepare to be bored" Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow night!


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