Thursday, December 18, 2008

Count it all Joy...

Yesterday at work I was challenged by something. I walked into a patients room just before the nurse was walking out and i walked in on the nurse talking with the patient about religion and her beliefs. I walked in just as it was ending so i am not sure what the content or the reason for the conversation was, but i did hear the patient say "Well i used to be a christian and believe in all that religious crap and then i never found any joy in the celebrations or the fellowship, so now i just call myself an agnostic and don't have any part in it." So they finished their conversation and the patient was pleasant and nice and i stayed in the room with her for awhile helping her and we never discussed any religion or anything but as i walked back to my office i just realised that you never know who you will encounter, who is watching you, or who is affected by you and your choices/lifestyle. Because here was a woman who says she was a christian but due to the lack of joy and bad relationships she had through Christianity she decided to change. It breaks my heart that due to being a christian or being surrounded by Christianity she found NO joy and changed her heart/mind and turned to a practice that as far as i understand it to be one that doesn't necessarily say there isn't a God, but one that says it's impossible to prove or disprove. I feel like joy should be the essence of being a christian because that is what God called us to do, LOVE others and to have joy in Him. I probably do the crappiest job out of anyone remembering my blessings and being joyful in all things. No matter what you believe, whether you are a christian or not, i pray that we would ALWAYS be joyful in life and in our blessings because you never know who is influenced by you and the decisions you make.


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