Thursday, February 5, 2009


So for all you bloggers out there who have been buggin me to update here ya go! Sorry i havent updated in a while and i know some of you were having withdrawal symptoms from not having my blog to read so here is a little update on our life right now and what has been going on. :)

We had an awesome Christmas with our families and enjoyed every bit of our break! We went to Birmingham for new years and had a blast with Ashley and Matt, and Jan and Lisa who were so nice and let us come and bring stoney too! We then came back home and i headed off the next weekend to Chicago with my friends Aubrey and Cherry! It was soooo fun and i want to go back so bad! It poured down snow the entire time and we got out of there by the skin of our teeth because the week we left they were in the negative temperatures and had a blizzard! We shopped til we dropped and when i say "dropped" i mean ran my credit card bill up too high :) That week i got home Jonas traveled for work and then i was off again to the mountains in Georgia for a reunion with some of favorite people ever, Katie B, Em and Bird! It was a good long weekend with them filled with rock band, marsh mellows, and tons of food and gossip girl! Jonas and I then finally had some weekends here together and celebrated the super bowl with our friends last weekend! Our friends Gavin and Margaret came in town and we got to have dinner with them a few times and catch up on their lives. Which are pretty busy right now. Margaret is trying to get into Music school either here or in Chicago and Gavin is currently searching for a job. Its always good to see them! I wish i had pictures from last night to put on here because we had our House Church activity last night where we made Valentine's and took them to a nursing home and handed them out to the residents there and they loved it! Despite waking a few of them up they loved it and it was so good to see them smile and so happy to have visitors!

We have a weekend coming up again where we dont have anything to do so we are relaxing and going to have a saturday of walking around window shopping. I cant wait! Hope everyone has a happy thursday and a good weekend!


The Spann's said...

i love your pics Em! great job updating!

Aubrey said...

well i be dang. i thought you had divorced your blog-- glad to see what you have been up to! haha. love u

Anonymous said...

yay!!! love you em, i too am a blog-divorcee lately. you need to come to bham next weekend. i miss.


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