Friday, June 5, 2009

TV+Shopping+Food=I'm a sucker

So a couple of months ago me and Jonas were sitting around and i was telling him how much i wanted to plant some tomatoes this spring to have in the summer because lets just face it,homegrown tomatoes are so much better. Not 10 minutes later were we watching TV when a "As scene on TV" ad came on for the one and only topsy turvy. Its an upside down tomato hanger and its supposed to work! AND if you called within the next 10 minutes you could get 2 for the price of 1! 2 people! so i of course called and got them, and i finally got to plant some herbs and tomato plant and a cucumber plant! I was so excited today because i was beginning to think that i had bought the wrong plants or something because NOTHING was happening, but when i went outside to show my mom today there was a bloom! I looked at it and said "Well crap what's that stupid yellow thing on there i guess i should pick that off." And mom so sweetly pointed out to me that it was a tomato! haha of course i would pick off my tomatoes thinking they were weeds or any who here is it!

In a few weeks those spiky things will be cucumbers!

The yellow bloom is my tomatoe!!! Or weed to me :)

Topsy Turvy

A few of my herbs

Stoney entertaining himself with bungee cords

Chinese Stoney

And me playing with with my camera and my food :)


Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

haha--i'm so glad you got the 2 for 1 deal!! You are the only 24 year old I know that would buy that from the commercial, but I love that about you! glad you didn't pick your tomato off! hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

The Spann's said...

yummy tit! you'll have to post a picture of your first tomato....hopefully you will get to it before stoney.


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