Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello 2nd trimester

So everyone has been telling me just wait til your second trimester, you wont be as tired and you wont be nauseaus...and they were right! Today marks my official move into the second trimester and i feel great! Im definitely not as sleepy and i mean im still eating everything in sight but i dont get nauseus before i eat! I had it pretty easy for the first 12 weeks but you really can tell a difference in your energy and just all around health once you get into the 12th week. I can't believe that i have already been pregnant for 3 months! Its crazy! And only 6 more to go! Jonas, if you're reading take deep breaths... dont. freak.out. We were at dinner with some friends last night and i was telling them that i was at 12 weeks and he had a mini freak out cause he thought we were still at like week 8 or something. Like i said we still have 6 months...we'll get him strait.

We had our 12 week appt last friday to just check in and listen to the heartbeat and it was probly one of the most stressful things i have had to sit through in a long time. Dr. Hirsch came in and explained to not be freaked out if we couldnt get a strong sound or reading on the heartbeat with the dopplar ultrasound on my belly cause he said sometimes its still hard to find on there. Well after 5 or 6 minutes of silence in our room i was starting to freak out just a little bit. Dr. Hirsch said he heard a little something but he wanted to do a vaginal ultrasound so that we (me and jonas) wouldnt be freaking out. Well we waited for him to come back in for about 10 minutes, which were no doubt the longest 10 minutes of my life, but when he came back everything was GREAT! And the little monkey was swimming around like crazy and had a great fast heartbeat! It was so cool to see how much it had grown! I mean it looked so much bigger and like an actual human instead of the kidney bean it looked like last time. So all in all it was a good visit after the little freak out :) but everything seems to be going good and on schedule!

We hung out with some sweet friends on Saturday night, two of which are new mommies and it was so good to see them and their precious babies doing so well! Cherry and El had Lofton back in November and Carlene and Kendall had Emaley in December. The two little boogers were so good and so fun to play with. Thankfully i have these two great moms and my sister who is a mommy-to-be in my life right now to give me advice and assurance that i can raise a child! :) I am so blessed with such wonderful friends! Love you all!


Anonymous said...

so glad to hear your little monkey is doing well. now you need to blog about your super-cute new doo!!


Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

agree with Kater--put a pic up of that sexy hair. and that sexy baby belly when it starts showing. I can not wait to meet that little monkey--it makes me smile like crazy every time I think about it!

Aubrey said...

yay!!! love this post! makes me sooo excited for you!!! love you


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