Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dreading This

For some reason i have been putting off and dreading writing Avery's 11 month post. Im not sure if it's because we have been ridiculously busy, or if i just really don't want to face the facts that she is almost a year old. However, if i wait any longer she is going to be a year old and this post will be for my future reference im gunna go ahead and do this...

The 11th month was so much fun. We took her first major road trip to St. Louis to visit Gavin and Margaret which was a blast! Avery LOVES Gav and Marg, and its always a blast when we go up there. We also had a wedding, Avery's dedication at church, and a trip to Birmingham in this 11th month.

In your Eleventh month you are...

  •  still walking along objects like furniture, Stoney, and my legs...and she also inherited a walker from cousin, Brooklyn that she has loved to use. 
  • You love walking with us holding your hands but get pretty sad when we let go. 
  • You will stand by yourself for a like a split second but then fall on your booty. 
  • You are still obsessed with stoney and for that matter any dog. You scream when you see the dog from baby einstein. 
  • Also Elmo makes you squeal like crazy.
  • You are talking like crazy...mostly dada, momma, and all done.
  • You love studying other people when we are out shopping
  • You do great in public cause you like to be with adults
  • when you play you HAVE to have a person with you. This has led to some of my madness but if you have someone to come up to and get a hug from while you play you are one happy little camper.
  • you are wearing size 4 diapers
  • you wear mainly 9-12 month clothes.
  • you weigh about 24 lbs.
  • you still take two naps a day which is heavenly :)
  • you are going to bed a little bit later now but sleep 8 pm to 8 am.
  • you eat really well and there isnt really anything you dont like
  • you are doing better with warm up to them a little bit better now.
  • your favorite animals are still 'Jelly' and your monkey lovie.
  • your favorite books are the 'Going to Bed Book' and 'The Monster at the end of this Book
I can not believe you are about to be a 1 year old. It's scarry and sad how fast the time with you is flying by. Everyone always said it would...but there are some days that i would LOVE to go back to when you were a newborn and relive those days because even though i was a crazy person i still love the newborn stage and hopefully knowing now what i didn't know then would help me not be so crazy.

Anyways, on to one year and your birthday party!!! Love you Avie boo!

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Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

I LOVE that the Going to Bed Book is one of her favs--that gets packed in any overnight bag Lo takes with him. And we can't wait to celebrate Avie turning one!! I promise it gets more and more fun, even though it's sad :( love you!


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