Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Just a few words to sum up my title...fall weather, boots, pumpkin spice latte, football, and friends...

The weather has been amazing the past few weeks here in Nashville and me and Avery have been going outside every chance we can get. She is walking like crazy these days and so we take frequent, but really slow, walks down to the end of our street to look at the flowers and swing. And when i say slow i mean, stops every few feet to pick up a new leaf. :) I love this age though...she has been learning so much lately and its so great to watch her learn and change.

This past weekend me and Avie took a drive down to Birmingham to spend some time with Ash and Brookie. We had such a blast shopping, laughing,watching football, and learning how to crochet! Ash is so good at it and has been doing it for years so she taught me how! So maybe i will be able to make some baby sacs, hats, and booties for some of these new babies i know arriving in the next year! My little football player also helped with the crochet. I know she looks just like a little boy here but i LOVE this T shirt. It was Jonas' as a baby and she has been wearing it now for like a week. haha  

Last night, Jonas helped out with Avery while i got to spend some much needed time with these two gals...

We have had so much fun the past three years hanging out and laughing at and with each other. I love these two and always have a blast with them. Thanks for making life fun and exciting you two!!


katelynclaire said...

feeling totally left out. you heathens shouldve been at bible study. whatever. are yall coming over tomorrow night or what?

Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

do we look tired, or do we look tired in that picture? Or maybe it's just me. Loved dinner with you guys!


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