Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sister News

So obviously i have been probably the worst blogger ever lately, i blame it on my work situation changing. :) However, i did just notice that i had not blogged about the latest exciting news that has happened in our little family...well ill just let Avery tell you...

That's right! This little monkey is going to be a BIG SISTER. It's so weird and in fact when we found out back in September we didnt really believe it or a few weeks. We weren't exactly thinking about or prepared to have another child yet but i guess that is why God gives you 9 months for preparation. We are at 16 weeks now and doing much better in the second trimester than we were in the first. We go to the doctor again on Monday for our 16 week checkup, and then we find out on December 23rd whether its a boy or a girl. 

It's been weird how different this pregnancy has been. With Avery everything was all new, but now with the second its almost like i forget im pregnant most of the time! I do have two really good friends that are pregnant right now too, one with her first and the other with her second, so that has been really fun and therapeutic to have them going through it with me.

And we also have this little missy..

 who is going to be a big sister THIS WEEK, and who is going to be a great example to Avie of what a big sister should be. Little Amelia is making her debut we think this coming Thursday! Ash is due December 4 but  they are going to go ahead and induce on the Nov 30th thinking that Amelia will come the next day. We are so excited about her coming into the family and cant wait to see what she looks like!!! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


Mary said...

So fun!!! Congrats!!!

Chris, Michelle and Piper Reis said...

Yay!! So exciting!! Congratulations!

Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

woohooo!! Bring on the babies! So excited for Ashley and Matt!

The Spann's said...

omg I'm having a baby this week?!?!?! i forgot! :) can't wait to meet little Frid #2


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