Friday, January 20, 2012

Frustration + Transition with a side of Patience PLEASE!!!

Whew, since Christmas i feel like our world has been a whirl wind. As many of you know we have been searching for houses for quite some time. We decided to rent our house out and look into moving before this new baby boy arrives, and we thought the hard part would be finding a house when it has turned into a waiting game that requires a lot of patience. We found two houses in Cottonwood that we love, thanks to Uncle Puff and KK that is, but the only problem is that the people who currently own these houses have to find a place to move to before they can sell them. Thus the waiting game...

So since we have been driving over to Cottonwood like every other day to look at houses our lives have felt crazy, and its been extra hard to know if we should go ahead and start on baby boy's nursery in this current house or not. So all that to say, that is why i have not posted any pics of new baby stuff or plans for the new nursery because up until last week that room was a cluttered mess. And while we are on the topic we have finally decided on a name for this little dude...


We finally decided right after Christmas and we really like it! Persson is a Swedish family name from obviously Jonas' side of the family, and Sloan was just a name that we both loved and agreed upon! We have been working with Avery on saying baby brother and knowing where he is, which has led to this...

It was so sweet the first couple of times she did this but now she proceeds to lift my shirt up at the grocery store...just as sweet but not quite as convenient.

Now back to today's title...little miss Avie has had a lot of changes over the past week. It started off with a super clingy and more on the babyish side kid and has now changed to a more independent toddler who plays great on her own, but gets super frustrated with the fact that we cant communicate clearly with words. Frustrated may be an understatement too because her version of this is laying face down on the floor, kicking, and crying for like 10 seconds. However, once she has done that she is normally done so i guess i cant really complain but its so weird how much her personality has changed this week. But, even though she has changed so much it hasnt changed her love for music and her love for doing this...

Luckily she has not gotten sick of her christmas toys yet so she still has a love for this guy..

Mr. Cozy Coupe has been a great gift thanks to Aunt Lisa and Uncle Jan!! 

Hope everyone is having a great week! So glad its Friday and we are having sunny weather with 60 degrees on Sunday!!! Arrington Vineyards in calling our name!

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Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

LOVE that name!! I can't wait for him and Adler and Carter to be best buds! And we've been dealing with some major tantrum issues in the past few days, namely throwing things AND hitting people. He gets spanked every time he does either, so needless to say, he has gotten spanked around 50 times per day :) gotta love toddlerhood :)


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