Thursday, March 22, 2012


So its only March 22, and we have already had almost a full week of 80 degree weather. How crazy has this been? And what is up with the huge pre-historic looking bumble bees! They are massive and scary...i would no clue what to do if Avery got stung by one of those suckers. Personally, i wish it would stay in the 60s or 70s for awhile longer, but warm weather means more outside time with Avie which helps with the boredom and whining at home. :) So i can't complain! 

Avery loves flowers...crushing them that is.

Avery cant take too much sun, and when i say that i mean she goes limp like a noodle when she has been in it for more than like 10 minutes. So we figured out sand and water tables and shady parks help her enjoy being outside longer and have helped out over the past week or so. Oh, and cousins to play with help too. :)

This was BeBe's attempt at planting flowers with Jesse, Levi, and Avie

And we got to go hang out with this little cutie yesterday at the zoo. We have so much fun with Lo and Cherry and the zoo is always a fun place for the kiddos cause they get to ride in the wagon and get fed an endless supply of goldfish. Pretty sure Avie just goes for the goldfish.

This past weekend we had a girls reunion with college friends and we had a blast catching up and eating tons of good food. They all surprised me on Saturday night with a dinner at Maggianos and a surprise 'sprinkle' for Sloan! They all pitched in to get us our rug for Sloan's room which i am so excited about! His room is basically complete. Well, complete as in we have everything for it but its all packed up for our move. It was so sweet to get to see my friends and catch up on life, especially since we area all so busy these days and spread out across 3 different states.

Aunty Em came and stayed with us for the weekend and got to have some one on one time with miss Avie. She is now Avie's favorite person cause of the gigantic cookie she brought her from Edgar's bakery in bham.

The next few weeks should be pretty interesting for us with packing and moving. Luckily, we are spreading our move across a week time span so we wont be too rushed or stressed.  And with me being 33 weeks pregnant, im pretty sure i will be doing more directing than moving. :) 

Happy Thursday!!

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