Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday's, Black Crowes, & Bird Poop?

This past weekend we went to the Black Crowe's concert at the Ryman. Jonas introduced me to the Crowes back in the 10th grade and we have loved their music ever since. It was a great night surrounded by great music, hippies, beer, and smoke. =)

On our way to the show we decided to kill some time by walking around on the riverfront and take some pictures. We started walking towards the Ryman and all of a sudden i felt something hit me in the head, and i told Jonas, "Crap i think it's raining..." Nope! Just a big Ol' poop from a bird that decided he wanted to relieve himself on my would happen to me. I reached my hand back there and it wasn't your normal run of the mill white bird crap. It was PURPLE! With berries in it...this bird had had one too many berries that day. So we walk over to Sbarroto use their bathroom and there reads a sign that says "Bathroom's are for Sbarro customers only" SAWEET.... so Jonas takes one for the team and gets himself a beer while i go in the bathroom to literally throw water on my head because of course they were out of paper towels.

He bought a beer just so i could use the sweet right? haha

Pre- bird crapping in my hair. =)

Also on friday night we celebrated Kater's 24th birthday!!! We went to J Alexander's on West End and celebrated with Katelyn and Chad, Aubs and Matt, and Cherry, Elliott and Lofton. We love yall!

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Anonymous said...

that post just made my day. that was so selfless of j to buy that beer. im sure that was really hard for him. btw thank you for my precious picture and frame. see you saturday night!



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