Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What I Love about Fall

I love this time of the year and because today, September 22, is the first official day of Autumn i wanted to share a few things i love about this season. Fall has always been my favorite part of the year i guess because of the amazing weather with NO humidity and fun things to do like hayrides, football games, tailgates, and of course the clothes! I love being able to wear a dress with tights and tall boots, baking pumpkin pies, and enjoying family time with a bowl of chili crowded around the TV yelling at your favorite football team.

Like i said boots...

These were at my door last night when we got home from our long day of work and meetings and i had totally forgotten that they were coming yesterday! I have been in search for cute tall boots that dont make my giant feet look like i am going skiing, and i really like them!

And of course the change in weather and colors is an amazing thing to watch in the fall and always reminds me of how much God loves us for Him to give us such a beautiful creation that we get to watch change and show his creativity.

I saw a blue pumpkin at Cherry's baby shower last thursday night outside her aunt's house and i loved it! I am going to go on a search for one this weekend!

And last but not least, TN football is a huge reason of why i love fall. This picture still gives me chill bumps and brings back sweet memories of going to football games in Knoxville every year with my family growing up as a kid, and even though we haven't been doing that great these past couple of years I still love my VOLS!


Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

I am so glad it is FINALLY FALL!! And i absolutely love those boots--if they wouldn't come up to mid-thigh on me, i'd think about getting a pair myself.

Chris, Michelle, Kolsch and Tyger said...

Your fall pics make me jealous! Fall in New Orleans is not the same as fall in the Southeast. It is still in the 90s and super humid! Hopefully it'll cool off soon. I love reading your blog, and I added a link from our blog page. BTW those boots are adorable!


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