Thursday, February 11, 2010


There is nothing more precious in this world than babies. Ask me a couple of years ago and i probably would have said puppies. But now, that i have witnessed my nephews being born and now my first neice, Brooklyn...there is nothing quite like it. I haven't gotten to hold her yet but I'm coming Brooklyn! Just a few more hours!!!

Ash, you look great for just having that baby come out of you! love you!


Fanch said...

She is such a beauty! WOW! Congrats guys! Also, that is the cutest little papoose thing I have ever seen! HA! What is that? :-)

Andrew and Jessica said...

Oh, she is beautiful! I love sweet little babies!! Yes, I would also like to know what she is wrapped in the bottom pics. It's precious!

katelynclaire said...

sooo cute auntie em. guess who's next?!?!?! yayayaayay! btw my dad was looking through the paper yesterday morning and stopped me and said, "you llike the name brooklyn?" i said, "yeah. i love it!" and he was like me too, that's such a cool name. low and behold i then notice he's looking at a picture of brooklyn decker that will be on the cover of sports illustrated. ha. personally, i think brooklyn spann is WAY hotter. ha. see you tuesday. ill be back!


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