Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Pics of Baby B

So i cant take credit for these pics because my dad took all of them. When i was down there i took a lot of pictures but none as good as these so lets just look at his for now. :)  B is doing great and her doctors appt on tuesday was good! They sent her home with a light box to help out with her juandice situation but it has already helped and her skin looks better! Ash and Matt are doing great too! They are adjusting very well and loving on her every chance they get.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone :)

See, I can cry more than my dog Elle :)


Katie said...

Oh my gosh, she is so precious! Also, I thought when I saw this title that it was some sneaky "we're having twins" announcement like pics of babies A and B. Whew.

Aubrey said...

she is soo pretty!!! love them! thanks for FINALLLY posting.. lol

Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

hahaha I love what Katie wrote-what if you were having twins?? oh my word--you'd be my new hero if you were! She is so cute and I know that you are the best Aunt she has! love you guys!


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