Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More pictures...

Here are a few more pics from our friday night fun!

Grandparents to be!

Rochelle told me it would be a girl from day one and she was right! I dont knwo how she does it, well i do but i wont share on the blog what she has to know for her to know :)

aubs got me a girl and a boy gift :) I liked the boy one too though!

Auntie Em and Auntie Bird came too!

Cherry, i love this picture of you, it makes me smile :)

and this one does too...this was Lofton's reaction to a girl.

all the boys are so excited...

can't you tell?

Jonas and uncle Chad celebrated into the wee hours of Saturday morning. Avery feels so loved guys. :)


katelyn said...

yea. seems as though dad and uncle chad are reaaally committed to celebrating this birth. into the wee hours alright. love the pics. where's the one of the cupcake though? comeon

Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

awww sorry for the weird faces!! I said this on Aub's blog, too, but I look like a 10 year old that was just surprised with a pony or something. We are SO excited for your little Avery Pearl--even if we are making sad faces. Promise.


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