Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I know, I know...i am an awful mom already...this picture you are about to see is already a month old and i cant believe it took me that long to get this picture of Avery scanned into my computer..but it took me that long to get the stinkin scanner figured out here at work! So anywho...most of you have seen this but just act like its the first time :) And things have been goign great for us. avery's bedding i ordered finally came in...they told me not until late May so i ws sad but then it showed up on our door yesterday afternoon! We are painting and putting the crib together and getting some of the nursery put together this weekend with Joe and Deb so im excited about that! We need to get a move on it! I'll post some pictures of what has been done and what we get accomplished next week! Here is avery's sweet profile picture from our 20 week appt.


Fanch said...

YEA!!! AVERY!!!!! She's gonna be a TALL beautiful little girl! :-)

katelynclaire said...

i love her so much already! i'd say she has the prettiest skull profile i've ever seen. and i mean that. love you, sweet friend


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