Friday, May 7, 2010


Yes we are alive...i have been contemplating quitting this whole blog thing lately, and well this isnt my first time to think that, but i am trying to stay with it because i basically depend on blogs to keep my eyes open while im at work, so in case there is someone out there who is like me here is an update to keep you entertained at work!

There has been SO much going on lately that i don't even know where to begin....but i will start with the Nashville flood. Basically everyone knows that Noah came through here last weekend, and the flood came with him. Nashville has been hit hard with flooding and the weird thing is that it was ina reas you would never expect to have issues. Most of the people who were affected and basically lost everything had NO flood insurance. So thankfully there have been organizations and many many generous people helping out to help those in need. My best friend, Bird, who rents a house over by Opryland was evacuated last Sunday night and we went to rescue her from McGavock High School early Monday morning, and thankfully she was fine and her house isnt in too bad of shape. The houses around her were flooded but their house sits up alittle bit and no water got in their house. ut her car was flooded so they are working on seeing how to get that taken care of. But praise Jesus their house is ok for the most part.

We are going to Seaside this week and i cant wait! This will be our last trip as just the two of us for a while and i cant wait to sit on the beach, margarita in hand..or coke...blast...water i guess, a book, and feel the breeze of Florida! I love seaside and i havent gotten to stay there in the past few years so hopefully we will have good weather and NO OIL!  i dont think they have been affected yet and hopefully it will hold off.

In other news...we had a kitchen shower for our June bride, Katelyn, this past Tuesday night at Eve's house. It was suppossed to be last Sunday but due to Lake TN we changed it to Tuesday and we had a great turn out! She got some awesome stuff and we cant wait for her June wedding! She will be beautiful and i cant wait for her wedding festivities to get going! The boys are having a weekend at Center Hill on a houseboat and the girls are chilling at the pool and going to fan fair i think? I cant remember what that thing is called but im excited!

We finally started on the nursery! Im so sorry for the delay in pictures but without much further ado

Painting! Dark brown walls and cream/tan closet...Jonas was super excited :)

We got her bedding in after a scare that we may not get it all...

Jonas is a cheese ball

The paint turned out a lot darker than i expected but i think with the white furniture once we get it all up there it will lighten it up quite a bit. Dad came and gave us recessed lighting, and a light in the closet, Joe and Deb came and helped us paint the bathroom, the nursery, and the baseboards.

And me and Jonas put the crib up together. It was way easier than we expected and we really like it...we just need a mattress now.

Stoney was there for moral support

Here is the finished product! You cant tell much about the deatil on it but its kinda a white or creamy distressed wood with a little bit of blackish/brown showing through on the distressed parts. is a shot for those of you who dont get to see me very often...

Avery is growing like crazy! She weighs 2 lbs and 3 oz and we had a great doctors appt today. Dr. H told us heartbeat and measurements look great! The Lord has blessed us beyond belief and i thank Him everyday for not only Avery and her health but the fact that my pregnancy has been so easy for me. I know many people out there who have had hard things to go through and rough pregnancies, and im just so floored and humbled everyday that i am healthy and not having complications. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers over the past few months! love you all!

one last thing...someone told me Happy Mother's Day today and it was so weird! Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there! You all are blessings!


katelynclaire said...

Love the nursery. Love the bedding, like love love. And love you. This June bride can't WAIT for that August arrival. She's going to be so beautiful, I just know it. I can't wait for the Fridrichsen/Wood nuptuals come June 2037 :) saw that schmooschy groom today just chillin in his stroller looking ready for his playmate :)

Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

It is so weird to see pictures of Jonas holding baby girl bedding. I think that was the first time I really realized that you will have an actual baby girl in that room in August. I LOVE the nursery and your bump is quite possibly the cutest baby bump I've ever seen.

You are not allowed to stop blogging. If you quit, I'm quitting too.

Erin said...

yes, you are a beautiful preggo. seriously. and i love your bedding!

The Watsons said...

you are such a cute preggers!! knew you would be though! and the nursery is looking great!!

Fanch said...

Em!!! You are absolutely Stunning! You look beautiful!! I hope you all enjoy your trip and be so safe! We miss you all and have had you on my mind lately! I am so glad to hear that Avery is healthy and growing so well! Truly, what a blessing from the Lord. Those walls are NOT too dark! They are just understated elegance at its best! I can't wait to see the finished product and for your shower in June- got my little A some "must-haves" ! Love you!! Hi from Andin and the pups!


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