Friday, September 17, 2010

Becoming Social

So this morning i woke up to this face...

Ok, so this isnt the actual smile i saw when i woke up this is a reinactment of that smile. I have decided i need to have my camera around my neck all the time because you just never know when Avery is going to pop one of these out. She likes it when im super cheesy and in her face talking but it hurts my face to be super cheesy for very long, so i then resorted to animal noises and she loved that...

We had a great night last night! Avery slept from 8:30pm to 4:30am (ate) and then again until 8:15 this morning! We were trying a new schedule last night and Jonas and uncle Chad were in charge of implementing it. I got to have a night out with the girls at a sports bar. So yes, the women were at a sports bar and the men were stuck babysitting. I could get use to this parenthood thing. :)

Now with this picture you may be asking yourself...
1.)Why does this baby not have any clothes on?
2.) Why is she sitting on a kitchen towel in her bouncy seat?
Well this little tooter does have a diaper on but is sitting in her bouncy seat WITH a towel under her because she has decided that her bouncy seat is where she likes to get her business done. For two days in a row she pooped BIG time while sitting here. She got it all over her onesie and it went out the sides onto her lamby seat. Thankfully we can wash the lamby seat but it isnt easy to do, or is it easy to get a onesie off of her that has poop all over it. Thus the no clothes and kitchen towel.

Hope everyone is having a happy Friday! Yay for the weekend and football!


The Spann's said...

EMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! She's so beautiful! I'm dying, almost crying looking at these pictures, I miss her so much! She is getting bigger!!!! And...her smile is so stinkin' cute! She looks a lot like you in the last picture! Love it!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. i love it. i miss her so much. perhaps we will let avery go to the bar with us next time instead of staying home with those silly boys :)


Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

yay for a good night of sleeping!! that picture of her in her lamb-y seat cracks me up. its the pooper seat!


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