Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Avie's First Roadtrip

Last Saturday was well first off KATER'S BIRTHDAY (and not just any bday ladies and was her golden bday! 25 on the 25th!) and secondly it was Avery's first real roadtrip! We drove up early Saturday am to Center Hill lake and hung out at Kater's lakehouse all day. It was probly our most relaxing day we have had since August 9th. We sat around and enjoyed the beautiful house, food, awesome weather, football, and more food.
This was right before we killed the Fuson's in cornhole...orrr maybe it was the other way around

Avery did great and got to meet a friend, Rucker, who is Anne and Josh's little boy. He is 4 months old and is so stinkin cute! Him and Avery got to meet and get a few pictures before Avery had a meltdown...guess she isn't ready to hang with boys yet...just her cuz Brooklyn.

This picture was taken right before Avery's big blowout...into Jonas' hand i might add. Notice the way he is holding her...perfect angle and position for what happened next.  Being the cheapo that i am nowadays...I have been putting newborn diapers on Avery for the past few days when she has clearly moved up to size 1. I had moved on from newborn diapers (sigh) and was putting 1's on her until i found a huge case of newborns that we had overlooked. So during the day i have been putting newborns on her to use them up. Well Jonas had to pay for that idea. During the 2nd overtime of the UT game (awesome timing right?) Avery decided it was time to do her business and it ended up not only in Jonas' hand but on his shorts and her onesie. AND we had already been through the 3 diapers i had brought for the day. Now why i thought Avie would only need 3 diapers for a whole day is beyond thankfully Anne and Rucker stepped in and saved us with Rucker's diapers. Which we used 3 of because Avery coninued to go through them :) Hey at least her bowels work...gotta be thankful for that!

After a super depressing UT game, we played cornhole and layed around basically all day and had an aweosme bday dinner! Thanks to Chad and Kater for supplying our bday meal and for all the fun!


Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

bahahaha. I love that you are using newborn diapers just because you're trying to get rid of them. that's hilarious. did jonas have extra clothes?

Rochelle Ray said...

Hey! She likes Jesse and Levi!


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