Wednesday, February 9, 2011

6 months

Holy cow i can't believe i am writing a 6th month blog post. This is SO weird and too fast! Life needs to slow down!

In the moments when Avery is tired and grumpy it can feel like longer than 6 months, but for the most part it blows my mind that she can be 6 months old. I remember in the beginning when we were all still trying to figure each other out that when Avery would cry after we did a certain thing, when she wasn't showing interest in her play mat, or when she hated tummy time, I would think "Oh crap this child is going to be like this forever" but man do they change. It's also fun to watch her learn things as she plays with her toys, and watch her become so entranced by something that she just can't stop looking at it or talking to it.

Avery in your sixth month you have done the following:

  • You love your toes
  • You squirm and move everywhere
  • You are exploring your crib and love to touch the birds and trees on your bumper pads
  • You have found your tongue and love sticking it out
  • No teeth yet {although we have blamed your moodiness at times on teething}
  • You drool alot. Especially when you are really focused on something
  • You hate being rubbed down with vasoline at night for your exzema
  • You LOVE bath time
  • You like to turn the pages and chew on your books
  • If you are ever in a bad mood, singing is the one thing that makes you immediately smile
  • You can be sidetracked by new things that you havn't seen which is a huge help to mommy :)
  • You are a good eater {your favorites are bananas, carrots, squash, and apples}
  • You talk non stop
  • You are rolling over like a champ
  • And you still love Stoney more than anything

 Beginning to learn how to sit up

 Loves her tongue

 Happy 6 Months stinker!

Oh, and as a sidenote we need to send a birthday shout out to cousin Brooklyn! She is 1 year today! We love you Brookie Boo!!!


Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

I can't believe she's 6 months either! That's INSANE. I love her headband. I want to squeeze her!

Dana Herring said...

HOW is she 6 months??!!! gosh i just cannot believe how precious she is em...she is so blessed to have you as her mama!!! love you.


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