Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Big 'F' Weekend

Ok, so i hope you don't take my title of today's post in a bad way. Let me clarify that the reason for the title is because a lot of our friends have a last name ending in 'F' just like us. {Fuson, French, Faison...} So when we do stuff with these couples we call it {on our end} the big 'F' weekend. Ok so let's face it, almost every week we have a 'F' night with our favorite Uncle/Aunt Fuson but we just dont document those with as many pictures. Now sometimes we probably play into the funnyness of the way it sounds to say this, but it's the truth too. :)

So anywho... a few weekends ago we have some of our favorite Birmingham people up to visit. Brittany and Andin came up on a Friday and stayed with us for a chilled out/relaxing weekend. We had Avie spend a night with the grandparents so that we could spend some quality time with our friends and not have to worry about baby stuff. So thankfully Joe and Deb kept her for us and we got to take Britt and Andin to some of the cool places here in Nashville. It was so nice to be able to relax with old friends and not have to have Avery in the back of my mind. Hope that doesn't sound bad..cause of course i still thought about her but you know what i mean.Right? Hope so.

Here's what we did on our 'F' weekend 'O fun...

Here is Miss A in our car ride to the Loveless Cafe. Andin had never tasted their biscuits...that sounded bad didn't it? Well he really hadn't so we went there first and waited an hour to eat. True story but well worth it :)

Me, Fanch, and Avie

Avie forgot her shades so she borrowed Aunt Fanch's

Uncle A with Avie

Auntie Fanch and Avie

The Frid's and The Faison's

Next stop was Joe and Deb's for the baby sitting

And last but not least...the Yazoo Brew tour. If you have never done need to! It is a fun thing to do on a Saturday afternoon. Especially if you have guests in town because it cost like $6 a person and you get a Yazoo cup to take on your tour. You get to walk around the brewery with a tourguide and they let you taste a bunch of their different beers while explaining the process to you.

Not sure who this was suppossed to be but apparently i thought he needed a friend.

We loved having you guys here and can't wait for you to come back! You made our month by giving us a fun and relaxed weekend with friends!!! Love you guys!


Dana Herring said...

so cute!!! looks like yall had an awesome time! cute couples and the sweetest little girl:)

Anonymous said...

F'ing awesome... as usual. Dinner tomorrow or Wednesday? Have you gotten your DVR yet? Get it. Call today. No more excuses.


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