Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5 Random Ramblings

*After 5 months of what seems like daily cleaning-messing up-and cleaning our house again we decided to take it off the market due to this crappy market lack of interest and a realization of how much money we would have to lose in order to move. So we are now searching for a house we cant live without and then in that instance we will put our house up for rent and try to resell it on down the road.

*Tomorrow is Jonas' 27th birthday! Oh how i love him...

He has no personality does he?

He's a precious husband, hilarious & sweet daddy, & my favorite person in the world. Happy Birthday love!

*One of my friends just found she was pregnant. Oh and did i mention she just had her first baby in January? Of this year? Yeah.....I am excited/scarred for her. :)

*My child's bowels are finally working! Eww i know but if you have been reading and following me lately you know that Ave's hasn't exactly been able to go to the bathroom that easily on her own. So we have been phasing out miralax and introducing pinto beans and fiber one yogurt! Hooray for messy diapers and sorry for being graphic.

* I have quickly become obsessed with If you have never been to this website you should click and become obsessed as well!  Think of Pinterest as a virtual pinboard — a place where you can create collections of things you love and "follow" collections created by people with great taste. Pinterest is where i found these beauties {that i hope to either buy soon or create myself!}

I may just make these tomorrow for J's bday breakfast :)

 How much of a lifesaver would this be in a playroom for your kids!

And this little beauty is a muffin pan sponge! How GENIUS is this. I have always thought 'UGH there has to be an easier way to clean this crazy thing!' And now there is...order it from


katelynclaire said...

hehe I love the sponge! And Jonas it OK too.

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