Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Month 9

Wait surely it can't be May already. Seriously?

These months keep ticking away and with them more days and days of memories with my little chickadee. Avery has changed SO much in this past month. She has really 'come to life' and seems to be showing off a new trick or sound she can make every day.

Here we are at 9 months...

Since we have last updated everyone about our monthly milestones we have gone from rolling around everywhere to crawling to standing to walking along her baby gate. Yep life has changed for us over here at the Frid household. I had been hearing that when this stage comes 'your life is over different' mainly because you cant take your eyes off of them. Well im actually enjoying it and love watching Avery crawl and explore. I'm sure that will change pretty fast but then maybe we will be on to walking and it will be a new exciting thing to watch.

Chickadee helped me cook our mother's day dinner for FarMor and BeBe, er clung to my leg the whole time and chased me around the kitchen in her walker.

Avery at 9 months you are doing the following:
  • wearing size 3 diapers
  • still only have two teeth but we are chomping around on lots of things
  • EVERYTHING goes to the mouth
  • you LOVE bath time
  • you still love singing, fave song of the moment is 'Little Bunny Foo Foo"
  • you are infatuated by guitars
  • your favorite animal is your lamby or better known as 'Jelly'
  • we are trying to get your bowel movements under control, or should i say 'not as explosive'
  • you want to stand up on everything
  • you can say da-da and ba-ba. There may have been a mmmmm sound in there but we are still working on ma-ma
  • you can be pacified with a wooden spoon or spatula for a LONG time :D
  • you still love stoney and spend your days chasing him around the house. He doesn't know what to think about you.
  • you take 2 two hour naps a day and you are still sleeping through thenight like a champ.
  • you love to wake up and play in your bed and pull the cords of your video monitor and speakers for the ipod off the side ofthe crib.
  • you dont really care for your toys right now
  • you love having soft things pulled over your face
  • you often sleep on your tummy with your legs tucked up under you or with one leg propped up on the bumpers
  • you love snuggling with daddy at night before bed
  • you are timid around strangers, well mainly men, but you sometimes warm up to them.
You are the sweetest and funniest little kid to be around and we love watching you change as you learn new tricks. On to your next month!

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