Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Month 8

{im kind of obsessed with this outfit, and she will have it on a lot in the next few weeks because its 12 months and she is about to outgrow it. eek}

Oh month 8, how i will miss you/never hope to see some of the things you did to us again. The past month has been more fun than bad but it did have a few low points for Miss A. We started it out with 2 ear infections and brochiolitis and ended it with one stopped up {constipated} little gal. However, in between all that we got 2 teeth and started learning to crawl, so we cant say it was all bad.

We had an awesome weekend in Birmingham with Aunty Ash and Brookie. B and A played together great, and im pretty sure Avery thought she had moved to Disney World with all the new and different toys, and lets now forget the huge new version of her Stoney dog. Avery loves Stoney so of course she was infatuated with Elle, Ash and Matt's Rhodesian ridgeback.

We loved getting to relax and play with family and we also got to celebrate Em Sparks' upcoming marriage which ill post pictures of in the next post. On our way home Avery had some bounts of screaming like crazy and crying because she is SO constipated. It really was the saddest thing ever but we went strait to the doc and got you some stool softener so now you seemed to have regulated. whew.

On to the reminiscing...

Avery, in your 8th month you have done the following.

  • you roll everywhere, mostly crawl backwards
  • you wear size 3 diapers
  • you are fitting into mostly 9 month or 12 month clothes
  • you have learned how to make a lot of new noises and so you squeal non stop
  • you love making new faces, which mostly have you looking like some kind of chipmunk
  • you got 2 teeth, and you love the new foods that have come along with that
  • you love it when daddy comes home from work
  • you love the "eye winker" game
  • you got two ear infections and brochiolitis and your teeth all at the same time. you were a champ.
  • you spent your first week away from mom and dad.
  • you love your stuffed animals
  • you laugh hysterically when daddy bites your tummy
  • you talk ALOT
  • you started giving what seemed like kisses...slobbery ones
  • you have kinda gotten out of your "weird man phase" which was when you would cry and scream around men you didnt know. Uncle Cho liked it but we are personally glad its over. :)

 Like i said, you LOVE Stoney, and you like to chase him in this...

We love you always Avie, and are excited for your next month!

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Jackie said...

that is one adorable baby--and monogrammed outfit, may i ask where you got it.. i have to get one for my babe!!


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