Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Roly Poly

So here we are at just about 8 months and we are rolling all over the place.

Aves is trying SO hard to crawl. She's got the arm part down, but basically just ends up going backwards, AWAY from the toy she wants so bad to get. That puts us here...

This snazzy little area is Avie's new play pen/mommy's sanity corner. We got the idea from Ash and Matt who geniusly put this together for Brooklyn when she started being mobile. Ash got us these gates super cheap at a consignment sale and we just bought two more sections to complete it.

As of right now Avery loves it and explores it all day going back and forth between her toys to the different gates {backwards that is}.

Also, new in Avery's world are her two front teeth! She got the second one while we were gone at the beach, and she has loved the different foods that her teeth have introduced her to.

In other news, our house is still on the market and a lot of people have come to see it in the past week, but no offers as of yet. Most frustrating part about this whole subject is that there really isnt a house we are interested in moving into right now. So who knows what will happen with that, we are mentally prepared to stay here as long as we need to i suppose.

Me, mom, and Avery are off to Birmingham this weekend to throw a shower to celebrate Emily Sparks who is getting married in a few months! And as a plus we get to see Brookie and Ash.

Hope everyone is having a blessed Wednesday!


The Spann's said...

oh i can't wait to see those sweet little teeth! love her!

Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

that play area is GENIUS!! Have fun in Birmingham!!


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